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ecommerce optimization

The key task of the online shopping optimization is to improve sales and conversion via changes in the content of online shop catalog, navigation, facilitation to its users, preparation of the offer that is attractive to customers. Clarity of the message Each page should have a clear and specific subject and focus. Ask yourself, is the message clear and understandable? Does the title match the content? Will the visitor find the answer they are looking for here? Search Engine Optimization If you’re…

conversion optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the method of using analytics and user feedback to improve the performance of your website. CRO can be used to improve any metric KPI on your website that’s important to your business but it’s often associated with acquiring new customers, registrations, downloads, etc. More at Conversion Optimization

usability audit

The usability analysis / audit puts an emphasis on intuitive navigation and the ease of orientation on selected sub-pages (including accessibility) First impression and the identity of the service. Whether the home page meets your role? What is the perceived usefulness, reliability and attractiveness of the shop for new users? Hierarchy and service organization – is it understandable for customers ? Don’t they get lost in the forest of categories? Convenient navigation – whether the products can be reached easily? Is the…

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